The Emerging Options For Astute Systems For Sleepwear

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Heidi, Annabelle, Jessica and Hannah were born prematurely at 31 weeks. Lisa said many people advised her and husband Sean to feed each baby separately after they came home but they soon found this exhausting. "We had to cope through the night with no-one else around and would feed two babies each at the same time. My husband is very hands-on fortunately." She said they would feed the babies together as soon as one of the girls woke up. "Those were the easiest days. Premature babies sleep for hours and we were literally bored. They slept for about 20 hours a day while we were all prepared for action." The couple had experience of the baby stage because they have a son who is now 15. 'Many hands can make it harder' The couple's two sets of identical twins, dubbed "the 10 million-to-one quads" because of the odds against their birth, attracted a lot of visitors. Image copyright Daily Mail/Bruce Adams Image caption Lisa Kelly said she worried too much about giving the girls enough individual attention Lisa said while appreciating some help, it also meant the couple often had a "house full of people" and were "running around" trying to look after everybody. Lisa said they had developed a working routine of feeding and care which could be easily disrupted. Keith Reed, head of the Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba), said parents of quadruplets could instead ask family and friends for "help with housework and meals" and could also get support from a multiples club in their area.

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